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Retail Projects

How we’re different:
We don’t just design your space. We ensure efficiency and productivity with your space.
Our consultations begin with an analysis of your current business. What’s working, what’s not.

We identify the needs of your business and create design direction for improvement.

What you get:
Detailed layout and design customized for your business.

The layout and design focus on:
➔ Consumer Flow - Foot traffic orderliness for the best customer experience
➔ Behind the counter workflow / Machinery plan - positioning makes all the difference for efficiency and ease of access.
➔ Merchandise plan - each product and shelving unit gets placed in the space that would give you the most use and success.



Lakewood, NJ


How we’re different:
You have a space and want to utilize it. We analyze your space to create the unique consumer experience and ambience you want.
What you get:
We deliver plans that optimize your space and ensure every inch is to your benefit.
Once the plans have been implemented the ambience and vibe will surely give your users an elevated experience.


Shluchim Office

Brooklyn, NY

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